Wednesday, February 25, 2009

KOXY's Temporary Home

What's Up Everyone?!

Until the website fiasco gets solved this will be KOXY's new digital home. Make sure you email the link out to everyone you know that is down with the KOXY sound. Be sure to check back often for updates and news of upcoming events.

Remember to tune in: LISTEN HERE!!!!


  1. shiiiiit...sound quality is less than levels in booth...maybe?

  2. Hey Max. Your HS buddy that pitches for Stanford struck out a guy from VANDERBILT....that's where your dad went. It wasn't one of the UC's...I was there and the Vandy guy really did stare him down. It was awesome.

    John W.

  3. Rachel is the best radio personality I have heard in all my years of radio listening history.

  4. hi gagoo--you rock!
    here in mexico city we wanta SAlsa!!

    i love you, maa

  5. i'm using alex's computer.
    xoxo ma

  6. Im listening all the way from INDIA and sound quality is amazing. Krystalllee if i may say... Check your comp. missy elenoa4693722546wahtevr